Cheap web hosting are working horses for web developers

Cheap web hosting are working horses for web developers

Cheap web hosting companies can actually do quite a bit for those of us who know how to use their services to the fullest. Now that I say cheap, I do not mean something that is badly set. I talk about cheap, yet valuable - know what I mean? In fact, many cheap online web hosting providers provide excellent service, and their account packages allow each of our creativity to create web design according to our individual needs.

For a good example of what Im talking about here, lets assume you need to create a web presence for a company you may have in the real world, to spread the word and increase your customer base, or just to provide information about where you live, what you do etc. - With the help of services from any of the cheap web hosting companies out there you can do it with a simple webpage, domain name and maybe an email account as well. For this, you can easily find an account that costs about 5 per month. Its pretty darnat cheap, right?

Or, your needs may not be so complicated, but cheap web hosting can still provide you with an account to meet your needs. Lets say you run a weblog or blog that shows the company youre driving, offering tips or tutorials about the topic of your hobbies you may want to share, or even create a worldwide discussion about some areas youre an expert on. To perform this activity would eventually accumulate a large group of readers, loyal fans, colleagues and other bloggers. You can still use cheap accounts that web hosting providers can offer.

Imagine that you did all this as a way to generate income. You can earn money on your blog by using relevant, contextual ad placement in your posts. This would create the need for more storage

space for posts, bandwidth to accommodate increased number of visitors and perhaps subdomains to branch out of your main domain name for each post. You can easily find the right account to use for what cheap web hosting offers, for about ten to fifteen dollars a month to do all this - maybe less.

As another example, lets say you need to make your web hosting on a much larger scale - cheap web hosting can still provide you service. Perhaps you are someone who generates your income exclusively online. You would probably need more bandwidth and storage space, as well as other things. Perhaps you are the publisher of a newsletter that you distribute via email to a large subscriber base. Perhaps you offer products for online sales that people could buy and download from your web pages. Perhaps you use a series of monetized blogs that review other peoples affiliate commissions products.

Okay, maybe you do everything above. Can the use of cheap web hosting really still be a viable alternative here? With the help of a reseller account, cheap web hosting can still handle this, and surprisingly, even much, much more - seriously. You understand that the concept of reseller accounts was originally made up so that anyone who would join web hosting, offer services to others could do it and enjoy a stable monthly income ... but now retailers are not used for this type of reason anymore. You can actually use a reseller account, which many cheap web hosting providers offer, to host an unprecedented number of websites, affiliate marketing sites, monetized blogs, forums, discussion forums about different topics, and claim your great deal of internet for your own use .

Paying for a reseller account would only cost around twenty to thirty dollars a month, and it would allow you to create and host more websites, domains, and download pages than you can shake a stick on. If you think of it too little, at the price of the account, can all your sites that you can host on a reseller account actually be less than a cent every month in cost per website - can cheap web hosting be more cheap?

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